Tippi is a pixl who will be by your side most of the time. Tippi helped Mario come to Flipside after Count Bleck kidnapped Princess Peach, Bowser, and the koopas. She was previously known as Lady Timpani.
200px-SPM Tippi


Lady Timpani had nursed Lord Blumiere back to health after he fell off of a cliffside. Since then, they began to fall in love and Blumiere frequently left his tribe to go meet her, as she was not from the same tribe as him. Unfortunately, Blumiere's father soon found out about their love and he banished Timpani to wander the dimensions until she died. She was rescued by Merlon in Flipside, and turned into the Pixl Tippi. At this point all her memory was lost except for a portion of her name (hence, "Tippi" from "Timpani").

After the end of the game you can buy Tiptron, a mechanical butterfly that believes itself to be Tippi, from Francis for 999 coins.

Tippi/Timpani/Tiptron's use as a Pixl includes revealing hidden entities and "tattling" on enemies, giving information about skills, HP, defense and abilities of bosses and enemies, as well as passive info for friendly NPCs.