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Paper Luigi

Luigi is one of the main protaginists of Super Paper Mario along with his brother Mario, Bowser and Princess Peach. We first see Luigi when he and Mario are walking home and Toad runs up and tells them about Princess Peach. He is abducted through the hole by Count Bleck and is sent to his castle. He and some koopa troopas try to make it out, but he is captured by Nastasia and Count Bleck. He is brainwashed into serving Bleck and takes on the name Mr. L. He becomes a villian to Mario and Tippi always says he looks familiar. He is unbrainwashed when he fails the Count and is thrown out. Mario meets up with him and they go to the castle together. After completing the Castle, Dimentio combines Mr. L and him to creat Super Dimentio. After Mario defeats them, Luigi is returned unharmed and he is seen at Tippi and Count Bleck's wedding. After the Chaos Heart is destroyed, he is one of them who's sad to see Tippi go